Main door lock designs for a smarter and safer home


Main door lock designs for a smarter and safer home

Main door lock designs for a smarter and safer home

Door locks are the simplest way of keeping your home secure. They are important for safekeeping the house, allowing easy accessibility, and adding some dimensions to the door. With the progression of time, door lock designs have also progressed. From the simple doorknob and deadbolts to the advanced biometric and keyless entry locks, several options are available in the market. Each lock design has its unique features, look, and manner of operation.To get more news about wifi smart lock, you can visit official website.

A lock design with a fingerprint scanner is a very good, hassle-free option for a smart and keyless lock. The fingerprint scanners are designed to be wear-resistant. Therefore they are better than conventional push button locks. Modern fingerprint locks allow a few fingerprints to be stored in the device for roommates and family members. Some fingerprint locks can also be connected to smart home systems, and hence the door can be remotely locked or unlocked.

Combine the best of the old and new gate lock designs with a password-controlled doorknob. The set password only allows the entry of those who know it into your home, and in case you forget the passcode, a key can be used to unlock the door also. This door knob lock offers a very vintage and traditional look to the door, which is an added plus.

A main door lock design that can be remotely controlled from your mobile phone is a premium safety option. In a busy household, this door lock can easily handle the daily comings and goings. It is also password and fingerprint controlled for extra door opening options. This advanced design is also automatically locking and locks behind you as soon as it is closed. This feature is immensely helpful for people who always forget to lock the door again when they come inside the house.

Have you ever run to answer a door when the bell rang and found it to be an unwelcomed salesperson? A video Intercom device for the front door can help you clearly see and interact with the person at the door and hence protect your privacy and safety. This locking device is an an-encompassing solution that can also ensure the safety of children alone in the home. The wireless connection of the intercom also allows you to open the door for guests even when you are not present near the door.

Avoid the hassle of taking out a key and opening the door with just a simple touch of the finger. This main door lock design uses a technology that pairs with your phone or a key fob, and when you touch it, the Bluetooth detects if the phone or fob is nearby or not. Based on this, the lock decides whether to let you in or not. The inconspicuous design of the lock gives the door a very trendy look.

The Push-and-Pull main door lock design can be unlocked in multiple ways with a passcode, fingerprint, and card. The convenience and user-friendliness of the device, combined with its premium look, make for a very luxurious-looking door handle. The Push-and-Pull mechanism makes the door very easy to open for senior citizens who can’t work the door handles or for when their hands are full.

The sleek and elegant smart door design offered by this lock is unparalleled. You get 2 different ways of unlocking the door fingerprint and a password. A few smart door lock designs also offer a record of the people who entered the house and at what time. This kind of gate lock design will popularly be seen in residential apartments and homes.

The lock-chain gate lock design is quite an old design that is still functional to this day. While it is not technical or smart, the lock-chain design still offers protection by letting you see the guest on the other side and then open the door. The lock-chain design can be used in combination with the other kinds of smart locks for a safer design. Family homes with small children will also benefit from this design.



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