Teaching Feeling Game Review


Sylvie is a stray who was a concubine. You can tell that she suffered a lot of mistreatment when you look at her scars and distorted body

She was given to the central character at the beginning of the game teaching feelings, after the latter tormented her and gained her respect. In the game, Sylvie insists on knowledge and various responsibilities. Though she is still a young girl, she has grey hair from the mistreatment.

The game can be challenging and rewarding, but it also teaches children how to relate to others. The storyline will teach children to be patient and wise when dealing with serious personality problems and attention issues. During one of the episodes, you play as a doctor who treats an old man with a serious illness. He thanks you profusely but demands payment to be cured. You must understand how he feels and help him. If you have the heart to help him, you can earn money through the game.

This game is also a dating simulator, with a strong focus on promoting positive behavior. It's a great tool for helping people who are prone to depression, seeking attention, or seeking love. The game features two-dimensional graphics and detailed scenes and a cute, anime-like cast of characters. It will enlighten even the most reluctant players. In addition to its storyline, Teaching Feeling is also a fun game to play with the entire family.



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