How to play Cookie Clicker


Cookie Cliker is the most addictive clicker game available today. Click on the cake to create a huge amount of cake. This is the point that attracts and attracts players

Play cookie clicker unblocked - the most addictive clicker game available today. Click on the cake to create a huge amount of cake. This is the point that attracts and attracts players. Because your job is to click, click and click. At first glance, the game does not require too much skill because your job is just to click and wait for the cake to bake. However, there is much more for you to discover after those idle clicks.

You cannot win in this game because it will never end. So, the cakes are the special point of this game. You can use the cakes you bake to unlock and upgrade buildings. Buildings will help you optimize your baking time and help you own more cakes. So the attraction of this game is to bake as many cakes as possible in the shortest time.

How to play Cookie Cliker

Let's click on the cake!

You think I'm joking, right?

Nope, clicking the cake is all you need to do to play this game.

Hints and Tips

Buy a lot of Grandmas

Initially, you will have to click manually to be able to hire a few grandmothers. Because they get many upgrades during the game, they help you increase your cookie multiplier. It even equates to buildings at the end of the game. So invest in grandma early to get more cakes.

Do not invest in Farms

The farm cookie stat seems to be ideal in the early game. But in the middle of the game, there will be many changes. As the game progresses, your farms will soon be used up, and you'll want to keep your resources from being wasted.

Get a lot of Cursors

Buy Cursors in bulk. They will help you get more cakes when you can't click the cake or when you close the game because they always click. Just like Grandmas, they also receive many upgrades to increase their usefulness towards the end of the game.

Make an effort to get "Shipments"

You'll want to get your hands on Cookie Shipments as soon as possible, since they'll give you a significant advantage over other players.

Upgrade wisely

Each upgrade will have different cookie coefficients. So buying upgrades will also affect your cookie production time. You can choose upgrades to improve clicks or clickless production. That will depend on your strategy.


Before you begin, make a backup save, complete as many accomplishments as possible, and have a sufficient quantity of heavenly chips to obtain after rising. When you have enough cookies, you will be able to "Ascend" for the first time, which will raise your prestige level. You'll have to restart the game from the beginning, but climbing enables the game to recover your progress a bit faster each time. This means that in the future, more expensive upgrades will be available, and there will be more bonuses for future playthroughs, too.


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