Silver Travertine Slabs 


 Silver Travertine Slabs  Silver Travertine Slabs  Silver Travertine Slabs 

Limestone in the marble after recrystallization formed a kind Slate Wall Panel of metamorphic rock, usually accompanied by a biological body texture, marble in the calcium carbonate content of 50% - 70%. There are some marble with a small amount of silica. Grain is exquisite, generally in the form of irregular surface stripe distribution, hardness is relatively hard; Quartz is a kind of quartz crystal and resin and other trace elements of artificial synthesis of a new type of stone.
Its hard mineral, mohs hardness is 7.5, compares the hardness of diamond, not easy scratches, and has certain sterilization effect. Metal objects such as not to scratch it. The refractory point of 1300 degrees Celsius, the 93% of the quartz stone contain full flame retardant, high temperature resistant performance, not fired because of stone material to cause food poisoning happens. Man-made stone mesa generally more than 2.4 m need to splice, natural stone is no different.
But due to the hardness and density of the same reason, after the processing of natural stone and agglutination of joint treatment more difficult, need more sophisticated techniques. But seldom happened dyeing do not represent dyeing - television have been introduced in this story, I also experienced, so now is considering a return to stainless steel basin. Natural stone mesa of compared commonly so thick.
But the natural stone mesa (my mother's home) and man-made Stone Honeycomb Panel stone mesa I have met a break, investigate its reason, or support is not smooth; Crustal rocks in the lithosphere forms through action of high temperature and high pressure inside the earth's crust of metamorphic rocks. Belong to the hard stone, mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite. A few, such as white marble, YiYeQing pure and less impurity, more stable and durable quality varieties can be used in outdoor.
Other varieties should not be used in outdoor, typically Silver Travertine Slabs used for interior decoration. The characteristics of compact structure, high hardness, wear resistance, pressure, refractory and erosion resistance, has a certain radioactive. Pattern of all stripes and luminous mica particles, the ordinary life of 200 years.
Granite chemical properties stable, not easily weathered, can the erosion of acid, alkali and corrosion gas, its chemical proportional to the content of silicon dioxide, service life of up to 200 years or so. Igneous rock, feldspar content of silica in the nature and content of determine the nature of stone material. More than 65% when the content of silicon dioxide, belongs to the acid rock, the rock of potash feldspar, plagioclase, quartz and other essential mineral crystal formation, material structure, is called a granite.



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