Carrara Marble Slab 


Carrara Marble Slab Carrara Marble Slab 

Stone also integrate resources invested in domestic stone Pietra Gray Marble material enterprise, participate in the competition of the domestic stone material market, China stone market is moving toward international stone market center. China stone market, has become the indispensable important strength in international stone market. In the near future the world stone production and trade center of China will transfer from Europe to Asia.
Better stone its fine structure is very uniform, looks very delicate texture, and mechanical skills is very uniform, good quality. Thick bead and differ the stone material of a structure its exterior effect is poorer, mechanical performance is uneven, the quality is a bit poor. In addition, the natural stone material under the influence of geological processes, in which often produce some fine pulse, microcracks, etc.
Stone cracked easily along these place, should be paid Grey Marble Slab attention to, as for those who lack edge missing Angle more bad! When the choice should pay attention to. Natural stone material refers to the natural granite and marble, artificial stone, including terrazzo, artificial marble, and other man-made stone material. The difference between the material and construction stone is more decorative.
Decorative stone mainly of three kinds of marble, granite, SLATE, they include the natural material, more than 99% of the species. Decorative stone the size of the reserves is the premise of the varieties can be suitable for industrialized production, no reserves to industrialized exploitation scale and on the persistence of the market is poor, the economic cost is high, not form a brand. Try to choose A kind of product, and to consider in the marble and granite marble.
Because under normal circumstances, granite more radioactive Carrara Marble Slab than marble radioactive. The sitting room can choose the man-made stone material with good resistance to high temperature performance, and the toilet can choose to prevent slippery type of stone, be moistureproof, acid proof, alkali proof, high temperature resistant performance, etc. For stone together sex is higher, in the bathroom adornment performance more dash forward show, so the stone is widely used in the bathroom.
In wet stone after installation, construction Nero Marquina Marble Slab personnel often for fast around the surface or caulking residue of cement, or quickly remove the binder containing cement, often using acidic detergent such as acetic acid, hydrochloric acid cleaning, such as stone in advance of the project is not for maintenance or not for effective conservation measures, tend to cause acidic reagent residual stone material surface, the cause of future stone lesions.
Mobile Internet era of promoting industry innovation adjustment, to thinking transformation and upgrading of the Internet to become a new phenomenon. Actually, there is no lack of stone industry electric business platform, but mostly for purchasing side. The emergence of such a platform, the more the more for the next step stone electric business platform to provide reference of maturity. For stone people, just the past six months, must be meaningful.



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