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Calacatta Nano Glass Calacatta Nano Glass Calacatta Nano Glass 

Marble used for interior wall decoration. Wall brick is made Artificial Marble Slabs up of three parts, body, glaze layer, surface glaze layer. Billet bibulous rate is generally below 3%, at the bottom of the bottom glaze glazing grams of 40-60 grams, glaze surface is 90-160 grams. And floor tile is a kind of ground adornment material, is made of clay firing, specifications and type is various, has the strong density is small, more pressure and wear-resisting, able to moisture etc.
Have a plenty of through glazed processing, daily use of strong wear resistant ceramic tile, is not suitable for used in the ground.
If there is specially used for exterior wall brick external Calacatta Nano Glass wall brick, have strong wear-resisting floor tile, also have adornment effect accurately, radiation is some, but also should pay attention to the size of the radiation problems. Natural marble radiation is bigger, it is recommended that the household general area of the shop is stuck not marble. The ceramic tile of radioactive is smaller, generally no influence to the human body.
Household shop sticks ceramic tile or marble, the use of impact drill, to shut down impact function, change into ceramic tile drill (if reckless, using model drill impact function is very violent pleasure). "On the general impact drill are flat drill, first opened to flat drill, low-speed, gently grinding ceramic tile glaze on off a small piece.
Then high-speed wear ceramic tile Porcelain Marble Slabs layer, and then you can open the impact drill, TuTuTu forward." Good ceramic tile drilling bit don't concrete drill bits, should use ceramic tile special drill bit, glass (it is said that a 5 yuan to buy building materials market). But one teacher says that used glass drill, but with the multi-function bit, never breaking ceramic tile.
Soon scattered around leaching such as ink, it indicates that the internal loose or granular stone microscopic cracks, stone material quality is bad. Conversely, if ink drips to be not moved in place, explain stone density, quality of a material is good. Internal dense homogeneous and no microscopic crack of stone material, the knocking sound is ringing pleasing to the ear; Instead if the stone is internal microscopic cracks or thin veins, or become loose contact between particles, as a result of weathering, beat cracking.
Can't be exactly the same texture, in mining Granite Slab Supplier processing technology level also have difference. Most of the stone is hierarchical. Granite stone no chromatic stripe, most only color spots, also have a plenty of pure color. The mineral grains as fine as possible. Stone back muscle purpose is to have the effect of reinforcement of stone material, mainly used in easy to fracture toughness of stone, commonly used in marble, and granite, artificial stone, generally do not need. Insert the new reinforced rotation in the holes. This technology is widely used for design change, increase the beam, column, cantilever beam and plate reinforcement and change of engineering.



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