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Harvard University is the oldest and most famous university in the United States, founded in 1636. The most famous landmark of the university is the statue of John Harvard, the college's first patron, standing in front of the University Hall in Harvard. Yard. This Ivy League University has a 375 year history not only in the United States but around the world. In addition to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, there are 12 graduate colleges at Harvard. Since its founding in the mid-1600s, the university has expanded from nine postgraduate students to 20,000-degree applicants, including undergraduate, graduate, and technical students. Harvard University is located on the 5457 acre campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cambridge is one of the most important urban centers of metropolitan Boston, surrounded by lush greenery, wooded squares and the banks of the Charles River. Located in the heart of Harvard Cambridge, it offers direct access to the city's select shops, restaurants and entertainment. Cambridge is a member of Boston's wide public transportation organization.



Covering an area of ​​209 acres (85 hectares), Harvard's main campus is based at Harvard Yard in Cambridge. Major administrative buildings such as Harvard University Hall and Massachusetts Hall, as well as libraries such as Widener, Pusey, Houghton, and Lamont, Memorial Church, academic buildings such as Sever Hall and Harvard Hall, and most new dormitories. Undergraduates, sophomores and seniors live in twelve residential homes, nine of which are located south of Harvard Yard and near or near the Charles River. Each residential home has a dining room, library and recreation areas, as well as undergraduate, faculty deans and resident faculty. Harvard owns a variety of commercial properties.

The 358-acre campus in Allston has several athletic facilities, including the Harvard Business School, Harvard Innovation Labs and Harvard Stadium. The University of Allston is growing rapidly and now has more assets than it does in Cambridge. The business school, a hotel and conference center, graduate student accommodation, Harvard Stadium and other sports facilities are all part of the project.

On the 21-acre campus in Boston's Longwood Medical and Education District, there is a medical school, a dental school and a public health school. Beth Israel Deacons Medical Center, Boston Children's Hospital, Brigham Gynecology Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Jocelyn Diabetes Center and the Vice Institute for Biological Influenced Engineering are all affiliated hospitals and research institutes in Harvard. Additional subsidiaries such as Massachusetts General Hospital are found throughout the Greater Boston area.


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