IPTV Sellers Could Now Facing Jail Time in the United States


IPTV Sellers Could Now Facing Jail Time in the United States

For years those who used IPTV services and sold them did so without any real fear of legal action. The few IPTV services that faced any trouble in the US mostly faced civil lawsuits. Overseas the news was different as a growing number of IPTV sellers face jail time.To get more news about octastream, you can visit octastream.info official website.

Increasingly IPTV sellers have set up shop inside military installations to sell boxes loaded with their IPTV service.

Now in the US IPTV sellers could now facing jail time as California begins enforcing Penal Code 593(d) according to a report from TorrentFreak.

In early February, the Los Angeles Police Department used undercover officers to purchase five streaming players loaded with IPTV services from a seller in California. After the purchase, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested the seller for violations of California Penal Code 593(d), which relates to “intercepting, receiving, or using any program or other service carried by a multichannel video.” Penal Code 593(d) would mean selling an IPTV box could put you in jail for up to one year if found guilty in court.

This is a massive shift from what used to be a hands-off approach by police. Recently the FBI went after the streaming service iStreamitAll and others. Piracy is now being viewed as a criminal issue.



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