Nuki Combo 2.0 Smart Lock with Sensor Review


Nuki Combo 2.0 Smart Lock with Sensor Review

Nuki is another brand which has stable smart lock for Euro Profile Cylinder locks. Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 compatible with Euro profile cylinders with emergeny function, Swiss round cylinders, knob cylinders and UK oval cylinders. In this blog we will try to tell you cons and pros of Nuki Combo 2.0 Electronic Door Lock. We will explain you combo set including Wi-Fi bridge because of the additional functionalities as connecting to Smart Home systems. Hope you will enjoy reading and find answers to your questions in this post.To get more news about wifi Fingerprint Smart Door lock, you can visit official website.

Nuki Combo 2.0 Smart Lock is compatible with almost all of the Smart Home systems when you purchase the combo set. If you want to purchase the lock alone, you can still use Bluetooth 5 connection and control your lock over Nuki app. Nuki claims they have 5x more coverage area with their V2 version compared to V1 and present more stable connection. Combo set with Wi-Fi bridge supports Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, Alexa via Echo Dot and Google Home.


Integrating Nuki Combo 2.0 Smart Lock to Apple Homekit does not require any special knowledge or experience. Simply just open the Home App on your iPhone or iPad and scan the HomeKit QR code. QR code is at the under of your Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 smart lock and also can be found on the small insert with the HomeKit logo on it. Finally, you will assign your smart lock to a house and a room to finish the installation process.

If you prefer to use Alexa you will have to purchase Echo or Echo Dot. You can ask Alexa to lock the door, unlock the door and to check whether the door is locked or not. Here is the installation process step by step:

1. Activate Nuki Web in your Nuki app (Smart Lock Settings Manage Smart Lock Activate Nuki Web).

2. Search for the skill “Nuki Smart Home” on your Amazon Alexa app.

3. Activate the “Nuki Smart Home” skill and allow access to your Smart Locks via Nuki Web.

4. In the “Nuki Smart Home” skill go to “Settings” “Manage Smart Home Devices” and select the desired Nuki Smart Lock.

5. Final step, you should give a name to your Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 on Amazon Alexa app. This is very important because you will include the device name at your voice commands every time so Alexa will understand the correct device and apply the operation you asked for. Tap on “Edit” button at the upper right and then on “Edit Name” and write your desired name.



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