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The central transmitters that inhibit the penile erection are serotonin which may be either facilitatory or inhibitory, and enkephalins which are inhibitory.

What is erectile dysfunction?
Kamagra 100mg  Erectile dysfunction represents the persistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient to allow satisfactory sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction has a significant impact on the physical and psychological health of men around the world and can also affect the quality of life of both sufferers and their partners.

Penile erection is a complex phenomenon involving a delicate and coordinated balance between neurological, vascular and tissue compartments. This includes arterial dilation, trabecular smooth muscle relaxation, and activation of the body's veno-occlusive mechanism.

The most common risk factors for erectile dysfunction include cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, hypogonadism, lower urinary tract symptoms, metabolic syndrome, depression, and smoking.

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction may seem transient for most men, but in reality the Super Kamagra  symptoms are persistent. It can cause a lot of frustration if left untreated.

Specialists in sexual medicine warn that most cases facing erectile dysfunction do not realize the importance of the disease and tend to ignore it.

The mechanism of penis erection.
Penile erection is a spinal reflex that is initiated by autonomic and somatic penile afferents and by supraspinal influences from visual, olfactory, and imaginary stimuli. There are several central transmitters involved in erection control, some with a facilitating role and others with an inhibitory role.


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