Players don't completely sell NBA 2K21


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The issue is green only is fantastic for jump shooters, but it would be a complete nightmare for players that are interior. With the sheer amount of cartoons you can get on a specified driving layup it would be completely impossible even for a very skilled player to know the green window to get every single animation MT 2K21. And you can not have one kind of shot green just rather than another because you then encounter which sort of shot becomes qualified as what. Are post shots get layup rules with rng or green just? And I've seen people nicely if you're open it should be green but even then what is the cutoff? If you're even 1% covered does the just rule not employ?

As much as green sounds great would be a complete nightmare. Splitting it is the optimal solution. Skill gap shooting is the thing to do if you would like to play with comp in ace am. I myself green a lot like consistency that is mad, I favor something like this, I miss the skill difference I loved it. If you would like to be at the comp scene you must be in a position to green. Whites ought to be something in the exempt manners like park for example. I felt like when whites started to go in, they removed ability gap essentially.

All these children hop on and get started hitting bad releases, such as it is RNG (luck) at that point, it should not be all about that, it ought to be about skill. Don't mind they component in non comp modes though like park. The problem with just hitting that is green is that 2K has awful servers and there are arbitrary lag spikes. For something at which the timing needs to be precise we want better servers or you basically eliminate players that don't have wired together with internet speeds.

There's no reason why I need to have a 1 sec delay 2K when I can twitch AND play league or wow with 50 ping simultaneously. Cause its just 2 teams in 1 setting. This is also another reason why the system that is shooting may stay the exact same with whites going inpeople just need to have fun and play with casual games Buy NBA 2K Coins. Enough people not just understand the green method or explained well at all by 2K. You can shoot every shot with perfect timing and a few will not be green and still say"slightly early/late".



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