How to Place Adverts on ZlideIn


A simple step by step guide to help you get your advert running

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ZlideIn is a fast-growing social platform with a micro-blogging section, ecommerce section, video streaming, fundraising, and much more. 

Each of these section pull in a large number of users and visitors daily.  Your business is sure to get noticed by your target market once placed. We have no tricky algorithm in place, like other platforms. And so your advert is sure to deliver for you.

To go about placing your advert, please start by visiting.

1.  to create your account.

2. Visit your personal to and fill in your details. 

3. Click your profile image at the bottom-right of your screen.

4. From the options that comes up, click wallet. Or simply visit to credit your account using the various payment methods there. 

5. After your funds reflect in your spending account, click your profile photo at the bottom-right of your screen. From the options that comes up, choose Advertising. Or simply visit Please see a screenshot below.

6. Click the plus sign with 'New Campaign' written under it. You will be taken to the advert page.

7. Fill in your company name, or the official name you want your campaign to carry. Next, upload the image you want to use for the campaign. Your image size should be 1920×1080, and image type should be PNG, for better quality. Then click the Next button below the image to move to the next page.  Please see the screenshot below.

8. In the next stage, fill in your Campaign Title, Campaign Description, Start Date, End Date, and the link to your business. Then click the next button below the page.


9. In the next page, you will choose where you want your adverts to appear in our website, fill in the amount from your spending wallet how much you want to spend on the advert, your location, amd the location of the audience you are targeting. If you want to target a global audience, it is very possible. Please see a screenshot below.


After putting in all the details above, click 'Publish'  below the page, and your advert would be live.


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