Is Shared Child Custody Always the Optimal Choice for Families?


The focus of any child custody and visitation action should be on what is best for the children,

Joint custody, often known as shared custody, is the top pick for most parents in the vast majority of instances. Making agreements for joint child custody is not only significantly simpler than engaging in protracted litigation but also far less expensive. Most of us are not millionaires, and attorneys are not inexpensive these days. It is definitely in the best interests of the children that these things are resolved swiftly and that everyone can go on with their life.


Unfortunately, shared child custody is not always the best option, and in extreme cases, it may not be a choice at all. If at all possible, you should always prioritize shared custody. The findings indicate that children who maintain touch with both parents recover from the divorce far more quickly. Obviously, it is also crucial for a youngster to have two rather than just one role model.


Numerous boys, for instance, have been discovered to have issues at a later age if they have lost permanent contact with their father. Joint custody is the healthiest option for the children, despite the fact that it might be challenging for the parent.


Although courts typically favor joint custody agreements, it is not always viable to have joint custody. If you believe, for example, that your children would not be safe with the other parent, you should not choose shared custody. This might be due to an alcohol or drug issue.


There is also a potential that the youngsters might be subjected to some form of maltreatment. If you feel that your children are not secure with the other parent for any reason, you should really do all in your power to obtain custody of your children. Even visiting privileges for the other parent might be denied until they get their lives in order.


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