Emotion Awareness Courses for kids


We strongly know through experience that teaching meditation to children is no longer an option, it is an absolute necessity! It is as important as teaching them, say, the alphabet. Due to its immense proven benefits, sooner or later, everyone has to turn to meditation. So why not give the

If you think having a high IQ is enough for your baby to succeed, think again! After studying the lives of many successful individuals, psychologists around the world unanimously agree that a high IQ contributes 10% to success, with the best 25%. Of the rest, most are contributed by emotional intelligence (EI), which is one of the definitive effects of this course.

This is a 21 day comprehensive program which will help the children to know their emotions. Bodhishishu Provide Emotion Awareness Courses for kids. They can then identify and seal the emotions and, as a final step, handle and deal with intense emotions such as anger, frustration, jealousy, fear and insecurity.

The age-appropriate tools and techniques provided here will help children develop positive emotions such as empathy, gratitude, compassion, love, and compassion, which will help reduce anger and resentment. By developing positive emotions and learning to manage difficult emotions, children can achieve better health, a successful career, good communication skills, healthy relationships and deep friendships. All of these skills are important for a successful life.

Through the technique taught in this program, they are able to calm themselves down in stressful situations, resulting in better decision making, greater focus and clarity of thought and action. By practicing these techniques, they develop their heart center, which helps them to feel compassion, forgiveness and forgetfulness- and this helps them to maintain good mental health.



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