Which Watch Size Is Best For You?


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While selecting a watch, it's crucial to know that one size does not fit all. As such, when you're buying a wristwatch. You need to know how to choose a watch that's perfect for your wrist.

There are few aspects to consider, like the case size, bandwidth, and style. It may sound a bit hard, but selecting the best watch for your hand size is fairly simple. Today, we can explain how to go about it.

Measure The Watch Cases

Watch casings measure in millimeters (mm) with a caliper. The most frequent watch case form is circular. The size chart below shows the differences between the various sizes. Then, we'll talk about the different watch case forms and how their sizes vary.

Remember that the chart size on a screen will vary depending on the screen's resolution, which affects how large or tiny the pictures look. Some Watches Factory manufacturing brands are making slim watches that look elegant on your wrist.

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How To Measure Your Wrist?

There are few steps to measure your wrist.

    • Use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of paper as a guide.
    • Wrap it around your arm to the approximate location of your watch band, which should be right below the wrist bone.
    • If you're working with a strip of paper, use a pen to indicate the place where the ends meet.
    • Unwrap the paper and place it flat alongside a ruler, making a note of the measurement.
    • If your wrist measures 14-16cm, it is rather little. A wrist measuring 16-17cm is considered slim. 17cm-18cm is considered a medium wrist, while anything beyond 18cm is considered a thick wrist.

Watch Band Width

While selecting the band, most well-proportioned watches have a width equal to half the diameter of the case. Thus, if your watch has a 42mm case, the bandwidth should be 21mm.

Naturally, this is a guideline, and many men would prefer a broader or thinner band based on their personal preferences. The Luxury Watches Manufacturer are making width equal to half of the diameter of the case.


Your watch should feel quite comfortable on your wrist and be tight enough not to slide off. However, it should be loose enough even to avoid scraping your body. Then there are other considerations, such as case size, bandwidth, and style.

Every Swiss Watch Factory focuses on men's preferences as per the size of the watch. If you are confused about measuring the size of the watch, check the chart shown above.



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