How to practice at home with kids


How to help your child write homework

How to practice at home with kids

Let your child know it's lesson one, no games, no free time until you're done. Don't argue, don't fight, just stick to the rule: the sooner you finish writing, the sooner you can play.

It is important that this is not a punishment, do not say this, but rather with the intention of helping, since you also want your child to be able to play as soon as possible. You can explain to the em that if he fails to write an essay for a long time, then you will order an essay from the company ( of authors, thereby giving the child a little rest for the next task that was asked at school. Again, don't let yourself get into a fight with your child. Refer to the agenda and rules and stay calm. If the agenda is strengthened, the quarrels will be reduced.

As the child grows older, homework will become more and more difficult for him. It is important that you also know what your child's lesson is about, otherwise there is a good chance that part of the lesson will be lost. Try to study with him as much as you can, allocate more time for him, because otherwise he will turn to the authors of the essay for help, who definitely will not refuse the emu. Good contact with other parents helps a lot in obtaining information, but the most important thing, of course and regular communication with teachers.

He or she can report not only on specific homework, but also on your child's performance in school, their behavior and role in society, and can also help you make long-term planning, for example, to predict the expected date for defending a dissertation, which can be ordered from the authors if you do not want to write yourself. Of course, the responsibility for homework and learning lies with your child and only with him.

However, you should check and help him with his writing if necessary, as a slight inattention can happen at any time, and the em will have to spend a lot of time rewriting everything, and as an adult, you will obviously be better at details than your child.

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