What players can know from the latest expansion of POE

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After about four days, POE players will experience POE Heist on Mac. The focus of the new Heist League is that players can use the league mechanism to discover and rob those valuable treasures to sell or exchange for POE Currency or other rare items they need.

GGG declared that POE Heist will be one of the best leagues they have ever produced. We expect it to provide a whole new set of equipment, mechanisms and content for the game, including new looters and many spells, weapons and upgrades. A new area called Port of Thieves will also be unlocked, and players will recruit thieves to help them with robberies. Once players have completed enough heists, they can unlock the Great Heists, the most valuable and exclusive loot.

They need some exploration and production before they start the robbery. Players need to know the various requirements and goals of each heist contract so they can plan. They also need the robbery mark which can wander in the thieves’ port, and as the currency of the thieves’ port. If players have not yet entered the endgame, they will not be attracted by these content.

The mystery of POE Heist is attracting batches of players to join the game. The rapid increase in the player base has also increased their demand for POE Orbs and POE Items. Before the new expansion and the rest of the POE activities this month arrive, it is very necessary for players to Buy POE Currency to improve their resilience in the face of complex situations.

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