How To Know If A High-End Luxury Watch Is Original


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To know if a Chanel watch is original, it is important to take into account both the technical aspects of the watch and other criteria that will confirm that the watch belongs to one of the collections of the French haute couture house. If you want to verify that a Chanel watch is authentic, these are the steps that you must take into account.

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The certificate, an essential condition: The rest of the criteria that we analyze refer to technical issues, but in this case it is an easily evaluable guarantee. All Chanel watches have a certificate of authenticity that is accompanied by a brand box. Having a certificate of authenticity is basic to verify that, indeed, we are dealing with a Chanel brand accessory, but it is important that it is a sealed document (certificates can also be forged), if you have any doubts, you can contact with the brand itself or with a specialized establishment such as brand online shop or Branded Watch Company, to evaluate the legal documents of your watch.

The sound generated by the mechanism of an automatic watch is very particular and has nothing to do with the sound produced by a fake watch. By simply listening carefully to the sound of a watch, we can determine if it is a fake piece or if the watch incorporates a quality mechanism. All Chanel watches, both in their women's version and the men's models, have advanced mechanisms that we can identify simply by evaluating the sound inside.

The weight also gives us data about the authenticity of a watch. In general terms, quality watches weigh more than fake watches, for those of us who work in this sector it is easy to determine if a watch is original or if it is a copy simply by checking its weight.

It is also important to carry out a visual check to determine that a Chanel watch is authentic. Chanel is a haute couture fashion firm, which also offers us collections of accessories of the highest quality, this requirement to achieve the highest quality standards in fashion also applies to its watches, so by analyzing the finishes we can determine if a watch belongs to the Chanel brand, or if it is a copy. Beyond the defects of use, a watch from the French firm will incorporate the best finishes, on the contrary, a copy will present design defects that we can see with the naked eye.

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