How To Get To Palace Cellar Diablo 2 Resurrected


The Palace Cellar is located underneath the Harem ins the Palace of Act II, and leads to the Arcane Sanctuary through a portal.

The Palace Cellar is among the more hidden locations in Diablo 2 Resurrected. This location is part of a quest that requires you to traverse the region intricately. You’d want to access it because the Palace Cellar location is within the palace, which contains some really nice gear. So follow this guide to know how you can easily access it.

Palace Cellar is located in the Lut Gholein area in Act ll. There you’ll find a palace which is Jerhyn’s home. When you arrive here for the first time, it seems trickier to access as several guards will prevent you from getting into it, and so you will have to complete several tasks.

Enter into the Lost City Zone, you’ll see the fall of darkness because of an eclipse, and then your ‘Tainted Sun’ will be started. Head into the town and interact with a Drognan located on the Northeast side of the town, wearing a red coat.

Listen and follow what he says and finish the quest. Come back to the Palace Cellar, and you will see Jerhyn standing outside of the palace. He will provide you with some details about what is going on inside the palace and after that, he will allow you to get into it. And then, you will need to complete the quest called Arcane Sanctuary. The Palace Cellar has 3 levels and each level increases the strength of enemies you’ll face.

You’ll notice how the guards outside the palace wouldn’t let you enter before completing this quest. Once done, you enter the Palace Cellar. The Palace Cellar itself is underneath the two levels of Harem just below Jerhyn’s Palace. The Palace Cellar was used for storing rare foods, luxury goods, and wine. Its other use can possibly be protecting the ruler and the treasure in case of an invasion.

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