The stage 19 Hunter is an absolute beast


The stage 19 Hunter is an absolute beast

The stage 19 Hunter is an absolute beast. They have a number of the most powerful gear to be had to them at the extent. Venomstrike, the blue bow from Wailing Caverns, has the threat to WOW Classic Gold hit your goal for an additional 31-forty five nature damage. As elemental harm ignores armor values, this weapon can sense like bringing a rocket launcher to a knife fight. Lesser recognised, but, is this bow can be paired with the Feathered Arrow, adding a further 9.Five DPS.

The arrows come from a degree 30+ quest in Desolace, however can be sold on the Auction House or given on your twink with the aid of your better-stage characters. Plus, in case you positioned within the effort to attain Honored with Timbermaw Hold you can get offhand with +10 Stamina. Hunters have extraordinary burst DPS ability paired with notable survivability making them the maximum OP inside the 10-19 bracket.

Low-stage Mages sacrifice lots of their output potential for survivability. Mages are in reality welcomed into premade Warsong Gulch battles, however in the main for their application instead of their strength. Their toolkit facilities round crowd-controlling the enemy crew: frostbolts to sluggish attackers, frost nova to hold them in area; polymorph to disrupt healers.


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