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Bathroom Remodeling contractors


The California bathroom design and remodeling industry is attractive to homeowners because of the money-saving potential for contractors who purchase supplies and materials in bulk. When you hire a contractor to help install a bath or shower, you can save up 30 to 40 percent by building your own supply, while paying only two weeks of the contractor's labor days.


Unfortunately, when it comes to bathroom design and remodeling there are many horror stories around the country of people being ripped off on estimates and charged unjustified prices. Most of the time it takes a client to put the pieces of the puzzle together to figure out what went wrong and what could go wrong.


Here are some of the more common problems.


1) The contractor or subcontractor told you he only needed one day to do an estimate, two days to measure, three days to start and four days for completion. Because they usually get paid as they work and on a weekly basis, they will not be ready any faster than this schedule. 2) They don't want you around during their work hours: This can make it hard for you to get their estimated costs and notes. Some contractors often have you wait until they are done and have you sign before going home. Be sure this is okay with them before accepting their offer.


3) The contractor or subcontractor doesn't provide proof he did work on time and on budget: You will have to talk with the company to find out how much money was spent and when. Cost overruns are common for remodels because there are so many variables involved and it can be hard to control all of them. Many times, contractors will add extras just because they want the extra money but you want your bathroom back by a certain date at the agreed-upon cost and price.


4) The contractor or subcontractor doesn't provide a written contract: Normally, for a bathroom remodeling job, the contractor will ask for 50 percent upfront as a down payment and then bill you every two weeks until it is complete. Make sure you know in advance what constitutes "completion." For example, does he consider finishing of the shower walls to be an additional cost?


5) There are no warranties on any products that are installed: This could mean the materials aren't up to building code requirements and the contractor knows it or he's just hoping you won't find out. If you want some kind of warranty on workmanship or product, secure your own by paying extra.


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