PM has not received any further fines - No 10


PM has not received any further fines - No 10

Boris Johnson has not received any further fines for breaking lockdown rules, Downing Street has said.

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The confirmation comes after sources told ITV News fines had been issued for a drinks party in the Downing Street garden attended by the PM in May 2020.

Mr Johnson has previously apologised for attending the "bring your own booze" event, saying he "believed implicitly" it was a work event.

Strict Covid rules were in place when the event was held on 20 May 2020.

People could not leave their homes - or be outside the place they lived - without a reasonable excuse, which included work where you couldn't work from home.

On the same day, the government Twitter account reminded people of the existing guidance that gatherings must be limited to two people outside.

The BBC has not been able to confirm whether fixed penalty notices have been issued over the event.

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson arrived back in the UK after a two-day trip to India, during which he played down the partygate row, saying voters wanted the government to "focus on the issues on which we were elected".


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