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Are you looking for funny Pecha Kucha ideas? If not, get them here to make a unique presentation with amazing pecha kucha ideas.

How do You Write a Presentation Using  Funny Pecha Kucha Ideas?

Pecha Kucha is a creative and effective presentation method created by a pair of architects that has completely changed the way presentations are delivered. The rules for a Pecha Kucha presentation are straightforward: The presentation must contain exactly 20 slides, each displayed for exactly 20 seconds, for a total presentation time of six minutes and forty seconds. That is why Funny Pecha Kucha Ideas are important to 2022 presentations.


Funny Pecha Kucha Ideas


Make a Sentence About Your Topic

Your topic must be concise and straightforward when giving this type of presentation. If you try to say too much, you will end up saying nothing at all.

To ensure that your topic is concise and to the point, try to say it in a single sentence. If you're having trouble with this, you're probably trying to present too much information, which will be lost in this short format.


Reduce the amount of text on each slide to a bare minimum

We always recommend using as little text as possible on each slide. But this is especially important for Pecha Kucha examples. Because the slides advance automatically every 20 seconds, your audience will be unable to process more than a few words on each slide. So don't include any more than that. Instead, concentrate on enticing slide imagery and design.


Discover the Story in Your Topic

It's nearly impossible to hold an audience's attention for six minutes using only dry facts and figures. Research suggests that good storytelling is essential for getting any audience to pay attention, regardless of format. To that end, to truly engage your audience here, you must find a compelling story that conveys the significance and value of your topic.


Use Images to Tell a Story

When it comes to storytelling, instead of focusing on adding a lot of text to each slide, focus on adding beautiful images that enhance your narrative. However, keep in mind that what appears to be beautiful up close can often appear fuzzy and confusing to your audience. From a distance, your images should be as clear and straightforward as your content.


Use Only a Few Key Points

It's extremely difficult to present more than a few key points in this brief format. In general, limit yourself to three main points and fill the rest of your presentation with Pecha Kucha examples and facts that support those points.


Work on Your Timing

You must practice not only what you will say but also how you will say it. You must also pay close attention to the timing of what you will say. Because the slides advance at 20-second intervals, you must ensure that your speech is perfectly in sync with the timing of those slides, or you will confuse your audience.


Make Some Visual Cues for Yourself

It's a good idea to include visual cues on each slide that serve as subtle reminders for what to say next to help ensure your speech coincides with your slides. 



While making a good presentation, choose wisely the funny Pecha Kucha ideas to fit in. This will also help to alleviate the panic and anxiety that comes with worrying about forgetting what to say.


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