Global trading platform S.A.M. Trade today unveils a new logo, mission, and identity to reflect the platform's transformation since its founding in 2015.To get more news about cointrader, you can visit wikifx.com official website.

"S.A.M.," as showcased in the brand new logo, stands for Synergy, Adaptability and Motivation, and represents the guiding principles behind the platform's success. Synergy, as the platform's cross-business teams' effective communication and teamwork has allowed it to leverage its diversity to create a unified organisation greater than the sum of its parts. Adaptability, as the platform has kept pace with the changing times. Last but not least, Motivation, as the platform's purpose to grow, as individuals and as a team, has empowered its team of like-minded, determined professionals to continue to enable clients' success as well as each other's success.

In addition to that, S.A.M. Trade reaffirms its strong commitment to its clients in this rebrand with its new mission, "A Brokerage That Makes Your Priorities Ours". Being traders themselves, the founders and partners of S.A.M. Trade understand the importance of safe, easy and low-cost access to financial markets for its users.

Chief Executive Officer of S.A.M. Trade, Mr Sam Goh said, "We are very excited to unveil our new refreshed visual and platform identity. This marks a significant milestone for S.A.M. Trade, with our new identity signifying the successes that S.A.M. Trade has achieved over the last few years, through continuously developing and innovating our technology and suite of services. Synergy, Adaptability, and Motivation will continue to drive S.A.M. Trade onward, as we strive to serve our clients with ever-better seamless trading experiences."

The rebrand of S.A.M. Trade follows several new developments by the platform to enhance its product offerings and brand presence globally. This includes SamAideTM, which provides robust fund security for traders. The platform's signature technology, CopySamTM that allows its clients to trade like top traders, also won "Best Forex Copy Trading Platform - Asia" at the Global Forex Awards 2021. In addition, S.A.M. Trade has also strengthened its brand with its strategic expansion into the wider European market, having signed sponsorships with two football clubs, Cardiff City FC and Valencia Club de Fútbol.



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