World of Warcraft: Fan Creates Azeroth-Style World Maps


World of Warcraft: Fan Creates Azeroth-Style World Maps

Gamers are an unending wellspring of creativity, and World of Warcraft fans are no exception. One World of Warcraft fan has created a map of New York City and Skyrim in the iconic style of Azeroth’s world maps.To get more news about Buy World of Warcraft Items, you can visit official website.

ConservationOfWumbo is a well-known World of Warcraft fan and map-maker who is currently on a quest to recreate all 50 US states in the style of WoW Classic. He recently decided to mix things up with an in-depth map of New York City, as well as another of the Skyrim region from The Elder Scrolls.The maps themselves are of the exquisite quality to be expected from ConservationOfWumbo. The map of New York City is designed in the style of the World of Warcraft hub city of Stormwind, down to the color-coded city districts. The Skyrim map has impeccable detail of the region, and could easily be used by fans of Elder Scrolls to navigate the world as well as an in-game map could. Both maps are so accurate to the style that those unfamiliar with World of Warcraft would be unable to tell they aren’t from the game.

Though he has made other maps before, ConservationOfWumbo has not done a city map, or one of a non-Warcraft world before. He has, however, created maps of almost half of the United States at this point, with no sign of slowing down. Meanwhile, other Warcraft fans have made maps of nations in Europe and beyond, each using their artistic skills to mimic the MMO’s style. At this rate, World of Warcraft fans will have an Azeroth-style map of the entire globe.

World of Warcraft fans are understandably floored by ConservationOfWumbo’s maps. Though many were impressed by his skill, they enjoyed these two maps in particular, since they broke away from the tradition set by his other work.

Some fans, however, are getting tired of all the World of Warcraft-style maps flooding Reddit. On April Fools’ Day, some players posted images of classic World of Warcraft zones, claiming they made their own Classic-style maps. While in good fun initially, a dozen others followed suit for several days after that, causing the meme to grow stale rather quickly.Regardless, most World of Warcraft fans hope ConservationOfWumbo and the others continue making maps and sharing their creativity. All of ConservationOfWumbo’s work can be found on his Etsy, EthanolMaps, where they can be purchased as posters, postcards, on canvas.


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