9 Tips for Saving Packaging Box Costs


Saving costs in the packaging of products is a more than recommended measure when it comes to gaining in competitiveness and adaptability to new times. The choice of custom packaging is no longer an unimportant issue to become a marketing tool.

Saving costs in the packaging of products is a more than recommended measure when it comes to gaining in competitiveness and adaptability to new times. The choice of custom packaging is no longer an unimportant issue to become a marketing tool.

Apart from its attractiveness, you must bet on quality and sustainability. In the following recommendations we give you the necessary guidelines to make the investment more adjusted, finding the balance between efficiency and good image. It's all because you get to loyalty to every customer.


The best tips for saving packaging costs

The following recommendations are of great interest to any type of company, as they allow you to save up to 20% of the cost on packaging per year. What’s more, you can learn some Custom packaging box design tips. Combining them makes it easier to reduce superfluous costs on packaging.


  1. Buy packaging in large quantities

By buying the packaging in large quantities you will get discounts; much more than if it is done once a month or quarter in smaller quantities. If you're clear about the packaging to use, you may come to an agreement with the supplier to get the best possible price. So it is very important to take advantage of the offers by purchase volume.


  1. Choose quality packaging

When saving on packaging it is too common to bet on a lower quality one, thinking that this results in a reduction in costs. The result you get is just the opposite of the desired one: the quality in the packaging ends up causing damage to the product, returns and a bad image for the end customer that is not advisable at all, and will entail other costs for your business. Therefore, we recommend that you bet on quality packaging materials and packaging.


  1. Homogenize packaging types

Another big mistake that is made when purchasing the packaging is to bet on different types, specific to each product. It is more suitable that you choose by sizes (large, medium and small) depending on the commercial offer, and thus avoid the increase in storage and design costs of a particular packaging for each item for sale.


  1. Optimize packaging weight and size

With the three-size rule that fits most products in the commercial catalog, you'll find it much easier to implement this advice. Packaging should be neither excessive nor too fair. Optimizing each package is essential for you to achieve savings.


  1. Reduce procurement costs

Optimizing each package is essential to achieve savings in terms of weight and dimensions. Respecting whenever the product is well protected, there are several options to lighten the weight of each packaging and improve its handling, such as foam or bubble plastic filling. Using a lighter protective padding is often foolproof to save as much as possible on each shipment.

From the point of view of the cost in supply, you have to keep in mind that the lighter the packaging, the less costs the shipments will entail to your warehouse.

In addition, choosing options such as automatic-bottomed boxes, which allow you to be fully folded, will help you gain time when it comes to storing and preparing packages.


  1. Choose the right filling

In relation to the above, it is usually the case that too much is invested in the outer packaging without paying attention to the protection of the item sold. Occasionally, it is inserted directly into the cardboard box without adding a simple foam or bubble plastic protector.

This savings measure ends up causing more expenditure, because the goods end up deteriorating during transport and the return rate increases. As a result, time, money and credibility are lost to the client.


  1. Take care of the first impression

While the consumer is interested in what comes inside the packaging, you should not forget that the latter is the business card of your company. A quality package, with some distinctive element such as the customization of your logo and good protection of the products, not only make a magnificent first impression, but can become the best marketing tool to loyalty the customer.


  1. Label the packaging correctly

You should not only add the recipient's address, but also the recipient's own in case there are returns. In addition, it is necessary to add, if applicable, the packaging symbols to underline the fragility of the item, as well as to give the relevant instructions for its correct handling.


  1. Delegate packaging and logistics to a single supplier

If you sign an exclusivity contract with a company that is dedicated to packaging and transport at the same time, the fees will be much more affordable and the service will always be guaranteed. That's why we recommend that you unify everything related to logistics in the same trusted supplier.


Saving packaging costs therefore depends on homogenizing options, betting on experienced professionals and grinding each package to the product as best as possible. We hope these tips will help you reduce costs and improve your business image.



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