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Running technology has grown tremendously in the last five years with GPS watches, heart rate watches, form-fitting sensors and power meters expanding the universe of performance information for athletes and sports fans. Smartwatch from Watches Factory are exported to all over of the world with excellent feedbacks.

When it comes to swimming, things have not evolved in the same way. People who like to spend time in the pool have a harder time enjoying the use of technology than those who do activities on land.

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It is also difficult to know if we can use our usual watch to go swimming. To do this, you can take a look at our post on how to tell if a watch is water resistant.

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While there aren't many dedicated swim trackers yet, the best all-around gym trackers now offer:
- Automatic stroke detection.
- Accurate lap and distance tracking in the pool and in open water.
- Some even offer fairly accurate heart rate monitoring in the water.
But prices range from under €100 to over €500, so we've tested the leading products on the market to find the best swimming watch for every budget.

Once you are done swimming, the data is quite detailed and you can see:
- The length
- The duration
- Calories
- Rhythm
- Heart rate
- All assuming you've set the correct pool length.

It may not be as advanced as some trackers built exclusively for swim tracking, but for casual swimmers it's a solid option. This small, super lightweight tracker fits on a soft, comfortable silicone strap that wears on your wrist and uses built-in sensors to track:
- Laps
- Distance
- Time
- Speed
- Swimming style
- Stroke count

Best fitness tracker watch: We often wonder if information was actually being tracked. Problems have been encountered sometimes.

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