The Advantages of High Speed Full Automatic PET Bottle Making Machine


The Advantages of High Speed Full Automatic PET Bottle Making Machine


PET Bottle Blowing Machine is divided into two kinds of rotary and straight lines according to the conveying mode of the bottle blank. Rotary bottle blowing machine production capacity is high, the speed is fast, the design is complex, the price is also high.

Temperature control is directly related to the uniformity of the plastic, which is the key to the success or failure of blowing products. Mold and hot runner design and precision, but also determine the merits of the product quality.

At present, our country's pet pet plastic packaging containers are mainly confined to two-way stretch polyester blow molding bottles. So the following mainly from the development of China's PET bottle to introduce the development of China's PET plastic status, and cited two cases of PET bottle production industry leading group. China biaxially oriented polyester bottle blow molding in plastic packaging industry started late, but since the eighties of the 20th century from Japan introduced injection stretch blow moulding PET bottle production line that in cola drinks on behalf of the packaging made very good effect, subsequent to the introduction of a large foreign advanced injection stretch blow moulding PET bottle production equipment, also in digesting foreign advanced technology based, research and development with independent intellectual property rights, suitable for China's national conditions, simple structure of the two-step pet stretch blow molding machine, it and general injection machine with the use of the general injection machine manufacturing of pet preforms, bottles of biaxially oriented PET blowing. Domestic two-step biaxially oriented PET blow molding machine in, some models can not only produce ordinary pet biaxially oriented bottles, can produce thermostable biaxially oriented PET bottles, can the volume of production basically covers the import equipment can produce from dozens of ML vials to a broad range of 5 gallon VAT. These simple type blow molding machine not only has low cost and advantages of flexibility and control properly can produce excellent quality and good practicability of biaxially oriented PET bottle blowing; therefore, it has been generally accepted by the plastics processing industry at home and abroad, in addition to the use of a large number of domestic, some export.

The advantages

1. Automatic perform input and ready bottle output system.

Machine adopt with the overall structure of super-standard anti-vibration design, high-speed operation state of the machine will shake down to a minimum.

2. Machine adopts modular assembly method, greatly decrease the local amendments due to technological improvements when the machine is on processing.

3. The structure of machine oven adopt the international most advanced energy-saving technology of infrared radiation heating, temperature control with automatic negative feedback, closed-loop regulation model.

4. Automation controlling item adopts international high-end computer system, heating, collecting and measuring perform temperature with simulation input and output module.

5. Man-machine interface displays current production situation, available for on line switching, parameter modification and production accounting, with automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and diagnose.

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