How To Be Beat By The Stormhill Golem In Elden Ring


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When Tarnished is able to make their way through Limgrave's Stormgate's

defenses inside Elden Ring, they will encounter an inactive Golem that Elden Ring Runes is

lying south side of the main road that Stormhill follows. Contrary to the

majority of enemies to this moment, the Golem isn't in the area, and it will

only turn hostile when you approach it. In addition, it doesn't possess any

"official" boss name or HP bar until it's awakened. This means that the

Stormhill Golem in Elden Ring is designed to be one of the easier minor bosses

in the Lands Between.

Nevertheless, novice Tarnished and those who are new of The "Souls-like"

principles of Elden Ring may find this superior enemy daunting and could even

meet their end with its huge halberd. This is because the Lands Between is not

lenient to the unprepared and can cause even lesser foes to be difficult.

Therefore, if players wish to overcome Stormhill, the Golem of Stormhill, they

must understand the general principles.

Golems of the Lands Between are formidable creatures and are extremely

resistant to all sorts of attacks. They strike and move slowly however a

successful attack could be the end of the world for Tarnished in the beginning

of the game. Tarnished might attempt to strike them from afar but in vain, as

the arrows appear to bounce off the armor's thick or Elden Ring spellcasters

have run out in mana prior to the beast falls. Those attempting to attack the

Golem by its feet might be pounded by its feet, or halberd. Fortunately that

it is not a threat. Stormhill Golem has a very apparent weakness.

Stormhill Golem Fight In Elden Ring

If Tarnished looks closely at the Stormhill Golem's ankles and wrists they'll

notice that the areas of its body shine. These are the weak points of its huge

frame and when players strike these areas, they'll be able to inflict more

damage. The arrows fired from a distance could shoot at the Golem's hands or

ankles, whereas melee fighters may focus their attacks on these vulnerable

spots. The person who is tarnished will know that they have successfully

struck a weak point as flames begin to appear to drip from these areas.

When players have hit these Stormhill Golem weak spots a number of times,

there's a chance the warrior may fall to the floor, making the Golem boss in

the Elden Ring highly vulnerable for only a few minutes. During this time,

continue attack its weak spots or concentrate on hitting another soft spot,

its blazing chest. After the Golem gets up it is time to repeat the attack

until it's defeated. Players can take a ride on Torrent in case they need

extra speed to escape the powerful blows of Cheap Elden Ring Items the Golem. Following that the

Stormhill Golem falls, players will receive a few hundred Runes.



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