Some answers about the bard skill


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You make a fair point! Regarding the complexity of the task we purposely offered

various methods of training and rewards to demonstrate Bard's capabilities and ways it

could integrate into existing game system. Did we go overboard with OSRS Gold the much? Yeah,

probably. It would have been nice to go further by stating that this design is not by

any by any means a prescriptive type of pitch. I'm glad you're able to look at pieces

of the design that you enjoy but others may not be equally appealing. It's awesome!

When it comes to rewards I'm a bit envious of your belief that the rewards offered by

Bard aren't as cut and dry as other skills systems that are older. We've had a lot of

trouble deciding what we should the rewards menu as far as they go, and it doesn't seem

to be only our case because the entire OSRS development team struggles to determine the

best rewards for any particular piece of content (looking at you , Raids 3 rewards).


If our rewards aren't simple or aren't impactful enough it's possible that some will

say "what's the point?" or argue that it's too similar to the current skill set and

doesn't go far enough to justify it as a stand-alone capability. However the rewards

could be too complicated or difficult to comprehend, many will say it's different from

the kind of traditional skills offer, and therefore it shouldn't exist or rather be

made into an unrelated game or even eliminated. A skill that has powerful rewards will

also carry the feeling of obligation to take part (like Slayer's connection with other

combat abilities).

We were trying to avoid creating the feeling of obligation and the mindset of "I need

to learn Bard before I can move to work on other skills that aren't combat-related or

otherwise I'm not doing it right". Our approach was of attempting to find a new

'third-way' reward system that doesn't just pump out raw cash/items or inflate your XP

gains in other skills. They can pose problems that are their own. And we considered

multiple variations of these concepts, however I'm sure you'll appreciate that it's a

difficult balance to find!

It's true that our expansion methods for Bard Battling and Performing offer simpler

rewards, such as raw GP or instrument resources making, and earning you Influence that

can be spent in any manner you want. The Influence system is also dependent on active

participation in Bard for a continuous access to certain rewards , as it works in a

generator-spender system However, I had anticipated it being a tough pill to swallow

for a couple of. You'll never know if take a chance!

I'm sorry to have you go through cheap Runescape gold another dissertation in the comments,

but I truly appreciate your thoughtful feedback and would like to see other readers will also be

able to find the most valuable aspects of our work and create something more impressive

from it.



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