What causes such a serious problem in bloom


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POE players cannot close the flowers the game team has joined this time, so they are very nervous and scared. This has terrible effects on the player’s gaming experience. The game team is urgently developing fixes to help players regain their love of the game. The players are eagerly awaiting their ability to fix the game. They purchased many POE Currency for new content that will be available soon.

At the end of the middle of last month, the POE development team pushed the latest Harvest League to players. Many players full of expectations for the mechanics in the new league can finally experience it. But as the players went deeper, they found that there was a problem that had plagued them and affected their gaming experience. It is not only criticized by players but also criticized by the entire industry.

This time, the influence of strange images in the new league was the principal factor hindering the game’s development. At the end of last year, the makers of the game told players they would add a new floral effect to the POE 2 release. But now many players do not accept this effect, but have the opposite effect. Flowers in a video game let bright light sources illuminate the surroundings. For example, the sun is a popular example, whose rays are larger than those through a cloudy sky.

After many practices, players found that the developers had exaggerated the new blooming effect too much. The explosive effects of some skills and the changing spectrum are too bright, making it impossible for players to see exactly what happened. In response to this urgent problem, the game team must respond immediately and work hard to restore the sincerity of the players. They are also actively going to Buy POE Items to get a better gaming experience in future challenges.



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