Tips for Caring for Inshare Rattan Furniture


Once you know the type of wicker furniture you have, the next step is to prepare the necessary cleaning tools and items that you would need to clean it out

This care guide is here so you can make the most out of your Outdoor Rattan Set . Ensuring it has a long lifespan, you'll need to know how to care for our products. With a range of products with varying levels of maintenance needed, this product care guide gives you all the tips and tricks to keep your furniture in pristine condition.

Prepare the Cleaning Tools and Items

Once you know the type of wicker furniture you have, the next step is to prepare the necessary cleaning tools and items that you would need to clean it out. Prepare these things before hand as you do not want to leave the furniture wet for too long.

A small, soft-bristled brush (a toothbrush will do)

Paint brushes

Vacuum cleaner with dust attachment

A few clean sponges, pieces of cloths, and absorbent towels

Cleaning solution – mild soap, ammonia, and water


Water hose

Keeping It Just Right

Basic maintenance such as dusting or a gentle cleaning keeps that rattan in peak condition. Dust it gently with a a feather duster when you notice dust, or vacuum it with an upholstery brush attachment for the main surfaces and a crevice tool for deep, hard-to-reach areas. A slightly damp, soft cloth wiped over the rattan gives it a general cleaning, while a bit of oil soap mixed into water, rubbed onto the furniture with a toothbrush, helps clean those stubborn spots. When you use moisture to clean rattan, dry out the piece in a well-ventilated area so it does not stay wet long.

Regular Caring for and Preserving your Wicker Furniture

Now that you’ve learned how to clean wicker furniture, whether its outdoors or indoors Insahre furniture , you also need to learn about the things that will help you properly care for and preserve them. Fortunately, these types of furniture are pretty easy to maintain. Aside from not being a burden, taking good care of them will also allow you to ensure that they retain their quality.

If you want your wicker furniture to last for a very long time, here are some tips to keep in mind about preserving wicker furniture:

Regularly dust your furniture. You can use a dust wand or a vacuum on your wicker furniture about once a week or if want to go all out because you have plenty of time on your hands, pick up a small brush and scrub that furniture down with soap, but getting down and dirty isn’t really that necessary as long as you keep the accumulation of dust to a minimum, and save the soap, water, and scrubbing for a once a month routine.

Wipe spills as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that wicker easily absorbs liquids, so anything that has been spilt on such furniture will get into it quickly and might stain it. If you have spilled something on it clean it off with soapy water thoroughly.

Don’t leave out your wicker furniture in the rain and don’t leave it under direct sunlight. These environmental elements can greatly damage your furniture.

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