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Frequently Asked Question for Zlidein business


A. Questions Related to Registration

1.Why didn't I get an activation link after registration?

Answer: It could be because you used a wrong email address. Please ensure you regeister with a correct email address. But if you used a correct email address and still didn't get the activation link, don't worry, we will manually activated your account within 24 hours, as long as you used a correct email address.


2. I used a correct email address and got an activation link, but after clicking it, my account is still not activated.

Answer: If you have the Zlidein app installed in your phone and you click the activation link from your email app, you will be automatically directed to the Zlidein app. In this case, your account is not yet activated.

What you should do, is open your email in your chrome browser and click your activation link from there. The link will open in a separate browser tab in your chrome and your account will be activated.


B. Questions Related to Deposits

1. What is your payment method for deposits?

Answer: Presently, our preferred payment methods for deposits are Perfect Money and Direct Bank Deposit


2. Do you accept and payout with bitcoin?

Answer: Presently, no, we don't use bitcoin.


3. Must I complete and submit my KYC first before I can start a business?

Answer: Presently, we do not enforce this, but we will in the nearest future. So while you can go ahead to start a business, please try to work on your KYC.


4. How long does it take to confirm deposits?

Answer: Deposit now takes 24hrs or less for confirmation. If your deposit is not confirmed in 24 hours, please send a follow-up message to zlidein@gmail.com and Cc support@zlidein.com


5. How can I reinvest my funds?

Answer: Hello, please log in to your account. Scroll down to the business plans available and click to start business in the plan that suits you. Your money is already in your wallet, so you can go ahead and place the business


6. How can I deposit?

Answer: Please log in to your account. From your dashboard, click on deposit. When the page opens, scroll down and choose the bank payment option by clicking on it. Make payment to the account number provided there and then fill the deposit form with all your payment details. 

Please remember to fill in the deposit amount in dollar. The exchange rate for deposit is 460 to $1. After filling the form, submit it. Then send a screenshot  of your proof of payment to zlidein@gmail.com . 

Your deposit will be approved as soon as it is confirmed and it will reflect in your wallet. 

Please join the community group here https://zlidein.com/investors. There are videos there on how to get started


7. How can I deposit to Perfect Money?

Answer: To deposit, simply log in to your account. At the top page of your dashboard, click deposit. When the page opens, scroll down to the payment options can choose Perfect Money. Then follow the steps. The first step gives you a field to put in the amount you want to pay in

After putting in the amount, click the deposit button. The amount you put I will be displayed for you to see. Below it, you have the Proceed button. Click on it

You'll be taken to perfect money payment page with for ZlideIn

Click 'make payment below the payment page. You will be taken to another page where you will login to your perfect money account to complete the process

Put in your login details. In the place provided for Memo, you can put Zlidein Deposit, write out the turning codes correctly and click preview payment below the form.

Afterwards, you can confirm your payment

The next page will show you a preview of your payment and ask you to confirm it.


8. I deposited using bank teller, how can I confirm payment?

Answer: Please log in to your account and click on deposit at the top of the page. Choose the direct bank transfer process, and put the equivalent of the amount you paid, in dollar, and all your other details. Then click to submit.

After you have done this, kindly send a screenshot of your payment.


9. I have paid and sent in evidence. Why hasn't my deposit been confirmed?

Answer: Sometimes, bank network issues contribute to delayed confirmation. Kindly be patient, it should be confirmed within 24 hours if your deposit reflects.


C. Questions Related to Withdrawal

1. Can I withdraw my capital before the speculated month period ends?

Answer: No, you can't.


2. Can I withdraw my profit as it comes?

Answer: Yes, you can.


3. How long does withdrawal to my bank account take?

Answer: Withdrawal processing time for ZlideIn Business is now five (5) working days and members are limited to one (1) withdrawal per week.


4. But my withdrawal payment was not attended to. Why?

Answer: If your account has more than what you deposited and your earnings put together, there are chances you won't be paid, because you are gaming the platform.  Also, if you put in the wrong bank details or your bank has poor network issues, you won't get your payment in time.


5. How much can I withdraw?

Answer: How much you can withdraw depends on what you put in and what your profit is, as well as your referral bonus.


6. How can I withdraw business earnings to my wallet?

Answer: Hello, please log in to your account, and under business income, you will see click to view your business. Click on it.

When it opens, scroll down a bit to view your business. If you're using a laptop, you would see a downward arrow beside your business details. Please tap on the arrow to start withdrawing. You can't withdraw more than the daily amount your make per day, so if you have earned 4 days income, you will need to repeat the withdrawal process 4 times. The money will move to your wallet.

From your wallet, you can then place a withdrawal to your bank account.


7. I'm trying to withdraw but the column for bank etails is not responding.

Answer: Please go to your menu and click ' my profile' then click on bank /wallet at the top of the profile page

In the form provided below, put in your correct bank details. Put a bank detail you know works and that you use in receiving money often.

After putting in your bank detail and saving it, please go back to your dashboard and place your withdrawal


8. How can I withdraw to Perfect Money?

Answer: To make withdrawals directly from your Zlidein Business account to your perfect money account, all you need to do is first save your perfect money account number and name in your profile page, Bank/wallet tab, and make your withdrawal. Once you have received your withdrawal in your perfect money account, you can proceed to sell to your exchanger to get your money in Naira to your bank account.

Hello, Please visit this link in the zlidein community. https://zlidein.com/investors There are videos there on how to get started. Also see our frequently asked questions here https://zlidein.com/read-blog/3692_zlidein-business-frequently-asked-question.html


 D. Business Income 

1. Why has my business income not started coming in?

Answer: After making your deposit and it is approved, your funds will reflect in your wallet. Please visit this link to learn how to start a business.


When you have placed a business, you will start earning.


 E. Questions Related to Referral

1. Is the referral bonus once or continuous?

Answer: Yes, it is continuous.


2. Where can I find my referral link? 

Answer: When you log in to your account, your referral link is in your dashboard. Simply tap or click on the green copy link box to copy your referral link. Then you can share it to the people you want to refer.


3. How should my referral register?

Answer: Ensure that your referral registers with your correct referral link via Google Chrome. In other words, he/she should copy your link and paste it in Google Chrome browser in his/her phone or laptop, to register.

Then he/she should open his email and click the activation link via Google Chrome browser in his phone or laptop.


4. Why is my referral not under me?

Answer: Three scenarios could make your referral not come under you;
1. You gave your referral the wrong link
2. Your referral clicked on your link, was redirected to the Zlidein app and registered via the business section in the Zlidein app.
3. Now let's assume number 1 and 2 did not happen. Your referral copied your link to his/her browser and registered properly, but used a wrong email address and so did not get an activation link. He/she then re-registered but forgot to use your exact referral link


5. What can I do if my referral is not under me?

Answer: Ask your referral to create a new account with your referral link


6. Should my referral register in the app or the browser?

Ans: Until we run updates in the app, it is best your referral registers via browser, not the app, to avoid technical errors.


7. If I choose a different business plan than my referral, will I still get my bonus?

Answer: Yes, you will get your referral bonus irrespective of the business plan your referral chooses.


F. Problem With Account

1. Why Is My Bank Details Unable to Save?

Answer: If you use this exact bank details on another ZlideIn account, it won't save. Please use a bank account that you haven't used on this platform before.


2. Why is my account blocked?

Answer: If your account has more than what you deposited plus your earnings, put together, there are chances you won't be paid, and your account will be blocked or deleted, because you are gaming the platform and using it for illegal business.

If you know you did not game the platform, send proof of how you got the extra money in your account and who sent it to you, to support@zlidein.com and Cc zlidein@gmail.com for further investigation.


3. My business earnings did not read for two days, Why?

Answer: Hello. All the days have been counting. The issue was that you withdrew more than your earnings and so the system did not credit you, in other to make up for the extra earnings your wallet was credited with. Let me explain

You normally withdraw your earnings. During the process of withdrawal, if there is a network issue and you keep trying to withdraw, you end up being credited twice or more. 

When this happens, the system will assume you have withdrawn your earning for 1 or 2, or 3 days, depending on how many times you got credited due to the network issue. And when that happens, it won't give you earnings for the number of days necessary to make up for what was already withdrawn.

If you calculate your earnings now, you will see it is up to date


 G. Question About The Company

 1. Is Zlide In registered with C.A.C. and is it insured?

Answer: Yes, Zlide In is Registered With CAC. RC Number: 3265516. And yes we have insurance with our broker.


2. How long has your company been in existence?

Answer: We've been in existence since 2019


3. What are your terms and conditions for Zlidien Business?

Answer: Please see out terms and conditions here 


4. Is there a platform (telegram or whatsapp) where investors join?

Answer: In a bid to carry all Zlidein business investors along the pathway of success, and in order to bridge the gap in Zlidein business knowledge and information amongst investors, ZlideIn Business Investors group has been created on our Zlidein Social community platform to keep all investors abreast and updated on the most recent Zlidein news, Zlidein changes, and Zlidein support system.

 The Zlidein Social Platform is also a place where you can interact with, and get to know each other, learn from each other, and support each other.


Go to the website https://zlidein.com


Then follow this link to join the group



5. What about your office address?

Answer: Our office address is presently not publicized and coming over is strictly by appointment, as we are doing everything to observe the covid19 protocol. If you have something important to discuss, Kindly call this number 07034409013, If what you want to discuss requires an appointment, one will be fixed.






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