When he does have a dragon pick, it is going to be a close race imo.

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Currently I'm unsure whether it's worth it to OSRS gold use Juju Farming potions - though they are helpful, they require a very long time to gather ingredients to create. They do, however, make Torstol seeds a more viable solution for profit, giving on average more gain than Snapdragon even on stains aside from the Trollheim patch. 1 thing of note here which covers a few options, otherwise I'm in near complete agreement. So far as juju farming Crystals proceed, they're a great bonus to some herb run - they give a 1 in 3 chance to receive 2 herbs @ once I seldom do a run with less than 50 total herbaceous plants from 5 patches unless some die. My highest will be over 70.

BUT as leaf says its a waste of time to camp Herblore Habitat just to make the potions, I do it every week just for the rapid bonus XP for finding all 10/13 jadinkos some seeds discovered while doing that get planted used. They only last a couple of minutes so the most effective route I have found for obtaining all patches with 1 dose of potion is: get into the Trollheim patch, drink a dose of juju farming marijuana, REPEAT STEP, Ectophial teleport to Port Phasmatys run to spot, REPEAT STEP, cabbage port (explorer ring) to Falador patch, REPEAT STEP, Cloak teleport to Ardougne Farm, REPEAT STEP, Camelot tab run into Catherby patch, REPEAT STEP. This does not leave much time to check out the scenery so leave refilling buckets, speaking etc till after you have chosen Catherby.

The Repeat step is is that the obvious harvest(or apparent if they died), super compost replant + note the herbs un harvested together with the tool leprechaun. I use the Camelot teletab leave Catherby to continue to utilize nominal inventory space in the event of forgetting to replant I can return to (most of) others with an easy free teleport. Its also the closest patch to a bank so simple to dump inventory or catch whatever you might have forgotten Additionally for Trollheim, its value using rock climbing boots on just if, if planting 2 or more kinds of seeds always use your best/most expensive there.

Lol seriously if he has he and membership powermine in living stones carven along with the 16 lvls difference, u seriously don't have any chance but when he simply going to powermine iron to 99 u will probably reach 99 dung first. 16 levels isn't a whole lot of exp under the 70's of levels. You need 77 mining for coal that is concentrated, and you should bank it rather than powermine.

When he does have a dragon pick, it is going to be a close race imo. Exp rates shouldn't be serverely distinct, but if you have a fantastic group, I think you'll make it original. Yes its alot of xp because dung is also slow at lvls under 70. Plus powermining is alot faster thats why I stated he has no opportunity if he is powermining. Level 70 is under 1 million exp, you require 13 million exp to receive 99. The very first 1m (even up to Old School RS Gold the first 6m tbh) does not make a bit of difference, at 80 mining the miner has reached his optimum exp rate that's under 100k a hour.