Four misunderstanding about wearing a watch!


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1. A wristwatch should be zero error?

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NO! Custom Luxury Watches as affected by external factors such as temperature, magnetic field, the pressure, also can cause the underpowered for personal use habits and produce the error, as long as the error in the standard range, as is a normal phenomenon. Specifically, mechanical watch the normal error of plus or minus 30 seconds/day, the normal error of quartz/day in 0.5 seconds.

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2. Any movement can be wearing a wristwatch?

Spring outdoor sports like golf, badminton, table tennis, are not recommended to wear a mechanical watch during strenuous exercise. The hair of the wrist, and the shaking of the arm, can also make the movement damage; Movement when accidental collision, will also lead to a fracture table mirror, casing wear, etc.; Also, excessive sweating when motion, erodes strap, and the watch case. Even for quartz watch, swing arm range is too big, strong centrifugal force may lead to watching the shift of the internal parts of running, lead to watch the timing is not accurate or lockout.

3. Watches need maintenance when it is using only?

When using a watch, you should carefully maintenance. When you don't use it for a long time, you should also remember to maintain regular maintenance. For mechanical watches, when is not in use should also be bent regularly. The pointer had stopped for a long time can cause movement thousand desiccation, accumulate dirt influence wristwatch precision as well. In conditional case, it is recommended that you place the wristwatch in the rotating table box; For quartz watch, pay attention to the usage of the battery. Found that low battery, you need to replace the battery as soon as possible, to avoid leakage damage movement; When receiving also want fields away from magnetic fields, avoid damp environment.

4. Watch calendar can adjust?

The watch time 9 PM to 5 PM, better not calibration date and month. For this period that is running the calendar function gear mesh, the degree is low, the frequent operation will damage the internal parts of the watch.

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