About Zlidein

About Zlidein, the features of the platform and what is is about basically


Zlidein is a one-in-all social platform that helps you grow your followers and business with everything necessary, in one place.

The Zlidein platform was established in 2019, and owned by ZLIDEIN INC. Our aim is to create a friendly atmosphere for all classes of people around the world to come together, interact, make new friends and do business together.

About Zlidein

The platform offer the opportunity for:

Members to Interact with other members and build a following.

Listen to Music/podcasts, sell music/podcasts, watch videos and sell videos, including course videos or just regualar videos.

Invest in the Zlidein Business sector

Sell in the ecommerce market section

Create business page, groups, events and fundraising.

Share contents on other social platforms

Create fundraising and more

You can also monetize your videos

Create job vacancies in the job section

Save posts you like on the social platform

Create blog posts.

Every account has the above listed festures. And if you're a blogger or business owner and you would love to create articles about your business, you can use the blog. The site is search engine friendly and enables you to reach more new clients via search.

With our friendly system of operation in place, we do everything possible to ensure your experience on the platform is very satisfactory and safe. We do not condone fraud of any kind. Neither do we condone scaming. 

PS: you can join our customer service group by taping on your menu. From the options, tap groups. When it opens, tap the customer service group and click to join. We attend to every complain and inquiry.