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Even though you may not be face to face with customers, this does not mean you can't keep a professional voice. It might be easier to do this for support representatives or call center agents who are able to talk to customers via phone.

Ten Tips for Parents Who work from home with kids

Working from home can sound like a dream to many. You have more freedom, spend more time in your home, and you can also be more connected to your family members.

The other coin also has its challenges, especially for parents trying to manage work and child care difficulties in concentration on work; managing while caring for their children (or homeschooling children) and blurred lines between work and personal life; and children begging for your attention when you are not there.

On the least glamorous WFH (work from home) days, you might feel as if you're not getting any work done and you've been a bad parent. Although it is possible to manage your work and take care of children, it will require some adjustments in your working and personal standards.

Here are our top suggestions for parents working remotely.

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Here are 10 suggestions for parents who work from home with their children
1. Find positive aspects.
Although some parents are happy to work from home, others were forced to adapt to the new situation.

This type of situation has many challenges, however we can all find some advantages in working at home, whether that's avoiding the daily commute, having more time with the family, staying home to eat dinner or having access to the fridge.

It's not always easy However, focusing your focus on the positives (and reminding you of things you shouldn't do at work) can greatly help with difficult days.

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2. Adjust your schedule.
Adults thrive on routines, just like children. They can perform better when they have a set timetable.

WFH routines aid us in staying focused, avoid multitasking, and manage continuous interruptions.

To add more structure and certainty to your daily routine, establish a morning routine and be as strict as you can whenever it is you can. Start your day at the right time to prepare for your day. Head to your home in the way you want to, and prepare for work.

Your schedule for work should be adjusted to allow you to enjoy a better day.

When possible, make sure you have a flexible work schedule. It is also possible to establish a routine for your children that works best for them. Remember that you are able to change it to suit the demands of your daily activities.

We have shared this incredible idea in our collection of of remote work tips from the team:

3. Communicate with colleagues.
While there are many methods parents can maintain their productivity at home while working remotely from home, it is possible for interruptions to occur. You will have to respond to emergencies at home, or your kids will come running to your workplace.



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