Madden NFL 21 Reveal New Franchise Features But Fans Aren't Happy is the best place to buy cheap Madden NFL 21 Coins to establish an Ultimate Team

More information is coming from Electronic Arts about Madden NFL 21, including a new game mode that players will be able to experience when the game released. However, many fans are not happy with what EA is doing to the football game series and are speaking up about it.

The NFL recently renewed its exclusive gaming contract with EA as the company prepares the game from release later this year. Madden NFL 21 has drummed up a lot of hype from the gaming company, but many fans feel like EA is not focusing on the right aspects of the game when its showcasing the future product.

EA Sports posted an extensive piece to their website where they detail all of the new features. “In the Face of the Franchise section, you will see the chapters of your career detailed out starting in high school.” Players will be able to choose a highschool logo and name, and then set out on their journey to be a superstar. The player will then go through college, eventually going on to participate in the NFL combine and get drafted to league. If you want to Buy Madden NFL 21 Coins, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

Comparatively, Classic Franchise is a much more stripped down option. Fans looking for a classic Madden experience will find just that. Notably, the latest iteration has updated the Wild Card Playoff round to three games, matching the change coming in the next NFL season. Classic Franchise will also add new X-Factors, following up on the addition made in Madden NFL 20. As of this writing, EA has not detailed any of the X-Factors players can expect to see, however.

Fans are upset that EA is taking advantage of having a monopoly over the football gaming market, and because of this, it is neglecting the sports series to focus on other game franchises the company works on. Since other people are working to create roster updates to Madden NFL 20, fans are calling on each other to boycott the new game when it comes out in order to hold EA accountable for the lack of respect they're showing the Madden NFL franchise. EA has not addressed these fan concerns, but fans hope the company will fix these problems soon. While EA games like Skate 4 are getting a lot of excitement, the company needs to pay attention to the Madden fans as well.



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