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Is light used differently in the East compared to the West?

Wang Gongxin quot;In-Betweenquot; White Cube / London | | Flash Art


Japanese writer Tanizaki Junichiro thought so, and argued in a famous 1933 article that Western culture looked for light and clarity. While East Asian cultures embrace shadow and delicacy.

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It was the idea that inspired the pioneering digital artist Wang Gongxin. It recently opened an exhibition at the White Cube gallery in London after being delayed more than two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 13 multimedia works presented in "In-Between" explore the differences between Wang's hometown, China and the United States. where he spent most of his time

Wang also questioned the postwar Japanese architect Kurokawa Kisho's idea of ​​a "gray area," where the distinction between interior and exterior, counterfeit, and nature, personal and collective, were all indistinct.



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