What are the smart ways to earn Lost Ark Gold?


If you search the Internet for news related to “Lost Ark Gold”, you will see a lot of steps that teach you how to do it.

If you search the Internet for news related to “Gold Lost Ark”, you will see a lot of steps that teach you how to do it. But what I’m going to introduce today are some more advanced ways to help players earn more Lost Ark Gold. People interested in this continue to read below.

Step 1: Abyss Raids
When players reach 1370 equipment level, they can participate in Abyss Raids. The current guardian of the area is Argos, which will be completed in three stages. Players can earn a Lost Ark Gold for every stage they complete. If people completely clear the level, they can get 3300 gold per week.

Step 2: Lords of Fetrania
When players reach gear level 1415, they can start earning Lost Ark Gold in Raids on the Lords of Fetrania. Currently, there are 3 bosses: Voldan, Belakis and Ku-Satot. This step is like Abyss Raids, and players can stack rewards by repeatedly completing these steps.

Voldan has two modes for which you can get gold: normal (available from equipment level 1415) and heroic (from equipment level 1445). You can get 3300 gold for normal mode, and 4500 gold for heroic mode.
Belakis also has 2 modes: normal (from equipment level 1430) and heroic (from equipment level 1460). And you can earn the same amount of gold as on Voldan.
Ku-Satot only has a normal mode, which is available from level 1475 of equipment, and you can get 4500 gold as a reward.

Step 3: Akrasia Express
It is for novice players, and by completing special tasks, people will gain valuable resources and Lost Ark Gold For Sale to strengthen their gear.

Step 4: Trade
Crafting is also a fairly lucrative profession. People can collect crafting resources, craft items from them, and then auction them off to earn more Lost Ark Currency than they cost. They can also trade other transferable items such as jewelry, iron ore.

Step 5: One-time getting of gold
There are also many activities in the game, and each account can get gold coins once. As a reward for increasing reputation among NPCs, players can earn Gold Lost Ark. For example, after reaching the “Revered” level with Sillian, they can earn 5 gold, and when players use them, they will receive 500 gold. And there are many such NPCs out there, so don’t forget to show them signs of concern every day to boost your reputation.

Before earning a lot of Lost Ark Gold, it is best for players to participate in activities as possible, and then develop their own detailed development plan to ensure maximum earnings during each stage. If one day, players get tired of these methods, they can also choose to buy Gold Lost Ark from IGGM, which saves time and effort and is very easy and fast than the above methods. Be patient.


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