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G.M.S. Werks is a leading company of natural stones, centrally located in the heartland of America. We are a company who provides different types and designs of stones like honed marble, granite, quartz, travertine etc. according to the needs of customers.

Choosing granite countertops in Omaha can be a serious challenge. We all pay a lot of attention to the design and color variety, but what about the granite counters installers? We know that granite is a beautiful stone with natural properties that last forever. That's why we want to choose a granite countertop installation company in Omaha that will perform the best granite countertop installation at prices we can afford without compromising durability and style.

What questions should you ask?

Before hiring granite installers in Omaha, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself: How many years have they been working as granite counters installers? How much experience do they have installing granite countertops for residential projects like mine? Ask your Granite Countertops Installer how many times they have installed granite countertops in the Omaha area. Experience does matter when it comes to granite installation specialists.

Are there any bad granite installers?

You can easily find granite counters installers and granite installation companies with local directories or online searches. Before hiring a granite installation company make sure they are licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind; check BBB (Better Business Bureau) website as most granite installers leave positive feedback on their websites; don't hire anyone that is not willing to provide you references from previous customers; be persistent about providing written estimates with total price before starting work; ask the way they store the granite slabs, if they are stacked or kept on the floor; granite countertops are heavy, you want to make sure they don't damage your granite stone; granite installers might provide you with samples but what you really need is a written estimate for granite installation.

What about granite installation cost?

Granite counters installation price per square foot can vary greatly depending on many factors like product selection (granite slab), custom made work (e.g. sink cutouts), granite pattern matching, size of the project etc. Your granite installer will provide you with an estimate after analyzing measurements and selecting granite slabs that fit your budget. One thing is certain, the higher quality granite slabs have a higher price tag so it's important to select a reputable granite company that will provide granite installation at fair prices.

What does granite countertop installation cost?

Quartz Countertops in Omaha was prepared to provide you with affordable granite counters tops prices for your home or business project. We sell granite slabs directly from the supplier which means we can offer granite installation at competitive granite countertops costs. If you want granite that will last a lifetime, then granite countertops in Omaha are something worth considering.

Why choose GMS Werks for granite counters installers in Omaha?

1. Lifetime Warranty - All of our products come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

2. Products - We carry a large selection of granite slabs and other quartz products

3. Competitive Pricing - Our expertise allows us to offer the best prices on all types of natural stone

4. Installation - Our granite installers are highly trained in granite countertops installation

5. Convenience - We also offer granite polishing and other granite care services

6. Qualified Staff - Our granite counters installers are licensed, insured granite professionals

7. Personalized Service - We treat every customer with respect

8. Guaranteed Satisfaction - You can rest assured knowing that you will be completely satisfied


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