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Insight electrical is a Kiwi owned, family business based in Christchurch and Kaiapoi, New Zealand. We perform all residential and commercial electrical work from replacing light bulbs to automating your architectural dream home. We have over 21 years combined experience with electrical.

DIY electrical repairs Christchurch are always risky tasks, especially when you're dealing with something as complicated as AC wiring. This is particularly true because the wires for your AC system are located inside of walls or in other areas that aren't easily accessible. So if you want to attempt an AC wire repair on your own, make sure you follow these important tips:

Don't remove the cover off of any electrical panel The massive amounts of electricity surging through these panels can kill without warning. Even if the power isn't turned on, there may be residual electricity present that can still harm you. This is not a risk worth taking.

Do call a professional to handle any problem beyond your skill level There may come a time where all of your best efforts just can't fix the problem. If this is the case, call a professional to help you out. You don't want to risk injuring yourself or causing even more damage that will cost you even more money in repairs if you continue trying to fix it on your own.

Don't stick your hand into an electrical panel unless you're absolutely positive that the power is turned off There isn't anything worse than getting electrocuted by 124 volts of electricity when all you were trying to do was flip a switch or plug something in. Seriously … it's not worth it!

Do get rid of any frayed wires so they can no longer cause problems When old wiring gets ratty, its insulation becomes brittle and starts breaking down. This process only speeds up as the wires age. If you don't want your AC system to fail, make sure there aren't any frayed wires that can cause a short or other electrical problem.

Don't assume a wire is dead just because it's not sparking When a wire has lost its insulation and is now bare metal, it may have an orange or brownish color to it. This doesn't mean the wire isn't live – so proceed with caution!

Do enlist the help of a voltage detector You can buy one of these devices at any hardware store for less than $20. They're well worth the investment since they will let you know if your AC wiring is still carrying active current before you touch anything.

Don't cut corners when buying replacement parts It doesn't matter if you're just replacing a broken switch or swapping out an old heater; cheap parts can cause expensive problems. Make sure that any replacement part is the same quality as the original piece.

Don't overload your AC system by adding too much load If you live in an area with warm climates, it's important to not overload your AC unit by adding too many appliances into your home at one time without also increasing its capacity. This can be dangerous because it puts more stress on existing AC wiring and components.

Do get rid of any outside extension cords You may need these during certain seasons or times of the year, but make sure they aren't left plugged in when not in use (such as over the winter). These devices are dangerous because they can easily overheat and start a fire.

Following these tips should help you stay safe while DIY-ing your way through some Electrician Christchurch! Just be sure to use common sense and never take any unnecessary risks. If in doubt, always call a professional.

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