Watch Crown Is Difficult To Pull - Crown Can Not Pull Out How To Do?


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Luxury Watches Manufacturer believe most of us will encounter this problem , the watch crown can be said to be the key to control the entire watch. The crown is difficult to pull. Even if it is pulled out, there is no correct way to turn it back, just in case, so you can still ask for after-sales. But wrist watch factory can also provide some small ways to give you here.

The crown, commonly known as the crown, the handle, is a mechanical watch used for winding, adjust time and calendar, or other uses. The watch mechanism is very fragile, it can't be used too hard, and the degree of dialing is also limited, otherwise it will be damaged.

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1, the method of pulling out the crown

(1) First of all, you have to confirm that it is completely unscrewed. havent completely unscrew the crown, Pulling the head hard will damage the crown.

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(2) Hold the watch with your left hand, hold the crown with the fingertips of the thumb and forefinger, hold the fingernails against the case, and gently pull out the first gear by the grip of the fingertip and the resistance to the case. Out about 1 mm, This gear is usually adjust-time. Some watches also have second and third gear, which are used to adjust the calendar week, etc., similar operation.

2, the crown is pulled out to pay attention to matters

Some watches are screw-in (also known as spiral) crowns: the table is screwed, and after rotating the crown counterclockwise, the crown is unlocked before it can be pulled out normally. The screw-type crown can effectively improve the waterproof function of the watch, and should be screwed in and locked after operation.

Swiss Watch Factory hopes that our customers can solve the problem of crown perfectly.

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