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Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Evelyn discovered a passion for immigration law during her studies at the University of Canterbury and began practising in this area shortly after she graduated with a double degree in Law and Psychology.

Is New Zealand right for you?

Try to avoid jumping to conclusions. To get an idea about whether New Zealand is right for you or not, you will need to experience this country first hand yourself! Many people who plan to settle in New Zealand usually visit the country on a short-term basis first. Whether you are a student, worker, or even a tourist, you can apply for a temporary visa to get an idea about New Zealand.


Remember These before Moving to New Zealand

If you have decided that you are going to live and work in New Zealand, then be ready to prepare the following:



The first thing is to bring your important documents (original) before moving to New Zealand. If you can't bring original documents, then at least try to bring certified copies about your family and including yourself. Some of the important documents that you should bring to New Zealand include:

  • All the medical records (including dental).
  • All the relevant vaccination certificates (including COVID).
  • All of your certificates, diplomas, degrees and other documents related to your professional qualification.
  • Character certificates, employer references, experience certificates, and information related to your work experience.
  • Got some job referees? Remember to include information about them as well.
  • Records of the information such as photographs which show what type of work you have done.



Yes, your CV is also important so remember to bring the CV for you as well as your family members who are planning to join the workforce in New Zealand.

For people who want to settle in the beautiful country of New Zealand, they can have a lot of different reasons such as work, a good lifestyle, family opportunities, study or even a fresh start. During the stage of thinking about whether you should move to New Zealand or not, you need to keep your eyes on what's important! Also, remember that you can also contact a good immigration advisor Christchurch such as "Professional immigration services".


Things to Consider

But you may ask what I mean from the above sentence. Before you think of settling in New Zealand, ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of opportunities will be present for you and your family? This will include lifestyle, education, work, living cost, and so on.
  • What will be the cost of dental and medical services in NZ?
  • How much is it going to cost to buy or rent a home?
  • What type of transport options will you have? If you are not planning to get a car, also check what type of public transportation will be available in the area you are planning to settle in.
  • Is there any community support available in the area?
  • How much money do you think you can earn in New Zealand? More importantly, can you live comfortably with that amount of money?

One thing to remember is that salaries are usually mentioned in gross amounts in NZ. This means that the salaries are mentioned Work Visa Christchurch NZ without the tax deduction! So you will have to deduct the taxes to get an idea of how much money you will be left with. To get the best advice, it is advisable to get an Immigration lawyer Christchurch.



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