The mod affirmed the issue is currently being examined into


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This is a huge cause of bother for players, especially for buy FUT 22 Coins those that have already completed all other eight milestones only to be held back by an incomplete Seasoned Athlete.Some now even believe that Rooney is one of those players that doesn't count towards Gullit Milestones. Fortunately, Rooney does count, and Seasoned Athlete isn't getting marked as complete upon unlocking him as there indeed is a bug in FIFA Mobile.

It's pretty clear from an official acknowledgement made by a Community Manager on the EA forums. The mod affirmed the issue is currently being examined into.Therefore in the event that everything goes well, it is likely that the FIFA Mobile Gullit glitch will be resolved either through an update to fix bugs or the server-side solution. So for now, all you have to do is relax and be patient.

The explosive growth of mobile gaming which is the largest segment of the broader industry in terms of revenue creation, has made EA and its rivals like Activision Blizzard Inc (ATVI.O) invest in significant acquisitions.

For EA Mobile games, they make up for more than a 10% of the overall revenue.EA spent billions to purchase Glu Mobile, UK-based Codemasters and Playdemic Ltd, to bulk up its mobile gaming portfolio with more gaming titles.Consumer gaming hardware, content , and accessories within the United States alone jumped to a record $56.9 billion by 2020, according to data from the research company NPD.

"They are making use of this money to ensure their future security by acquiring Intellectual property as well as talent, as well as establishing their presence in new categories," Joost Van Dreunen who is a lecturer in the business of FIFA 22 Coins games at New York University, said.Acquiring studios with strong mobile brands will allow EA to take advantage of the know-how and monetize on the already established player base at the same time.



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