Harley-Davidson To Take Electric Motorcycle Division LiveWire Public via SPAC Merger


Harley-Davidson To Take Electric Motorcycle Division LiveWire Public via SPAC Merger

Harley-Davidson announce they plan to separate their electric LiveWire brand through a merger via special-acquisition (SPAC). After the recent brand spinoff we reported of the electric motorcycle, Harley-Davidson said Monday that the LiveWire electric motorcycle business will go public by merging with special-purpose acquisition corporation AEA-Bridges Impact Corp. To get more news about davincimotor, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

The SPAC, or special purpose acquisition corp. IMPX, will merger with the LiveWire brand in a deal with a (pro forma) enterprise value of about $1.77 billion. The company’s stock is expected to list on the NYSE, under the ticker “LVW.”The new company will have about $545 million in cash to expedite its go-to-market model and invest in product development and manufacturing. LiveWire will have two strategic partners — Harley-Davidson and KYMCO, Taiwan.

Financial Aspects: LiveWire was first established as a separate division at Harley in 2019. The company is also making STACYC, an all-electric balance bike for kids. Once the deal closes, Harley CEO Jochen Zeitz will act as LiveWire’s CEO for up to two years. ABIC’s shareholders will own about 17% of the company, while the company retains about 74% of its equity. For GAAP financial reporting purposes, Harley will continue to report LiveWire’s results.An interesting point in the announcement is the cooperation with KYMCO, which earlier this year announced their street electric model – RevoNEX to be manufectured in Italy, and also offer the F9 electric scooter. KYMCO has a strategic partnership for developing technology, electric drive, and building the Ionex battery swapping network, with FELO and SUPER SOCO (Vmoto).

Despite labeling this SPAC merger “the first electric 2-wheeler in the NYSE”, it appears they overlooked some recent companies like Volcon that went public 2 months ago, as well as much less recent like NIU, which has been listed in NYSE since 2018, but still has not fully launched their electric motorcycle model, RQi.


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