Arguments Surrounding Alternative Energy


Arguments Surrounding Alternative Energy

There’s a lot at play in today’s motorcycle market when it comes to alternative fuel options. To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.

On the one side, we have the solid, stalwart fossil fuel lovers – the majority of us, I imagine, aboard the usual ICE-blessed Kawasaki, Triumph, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, KTM, Honda and Suzuki.

Why do we love to play with petrol? You’ll hear a range of reasons, from the traditional ‘it sounds better,’ to the obligatory, ‘it’s more convenient,’ ‘I trust them more,’ ‘the others are ugly’…and, of course, the obvious: ‘It’s cheaper.’Still, the argument that clean tootles about the town are the ever-growing option can’t be swiped to the side like your latest Tinder catfish. It’s happening, and it’s happening more than ever.

The counter-arguments from the opposite side of the camp? Anything from, ‘It’s new,’ to ‘it’s better for the environment,’ ‘it’s cool,’ or, “I’m having my mid-life crisis, and it was the perfect new toy to play with” (an actual quote from an acquaintance of mine).

So let’s look at the real reasons why y’all should be even considering alternative fuel – and we’ll start with the potential cons of current clean energy cats.

A bloke by the name of Geoff – in connection with an article on TheDriven – isn’t the biggest fan of electric machines when it comes to efficiency. He actually believes that hydrogen is where the future of motorcycle riding should be – and his first argument deals with the heaviness of a battery.

“In a car like our [Tesla] Model 3, around 50% of the weight is batteries – this is impossible in an EVMC as it wouldn’t be able to be held upright and couldn’t be picked up if it fell over,” Geoff argues.

“Lithium can work for cars where battery weight is not an issue and bicycles where range and speed are not issues. For EVMCs, on the other hand, range and weight are utterly critical DNA design issues. If it’s one thing, lithium can’t do its EVMCs.”Despite lighter EV machines like SONDORS and RQI’s NIU boasting a light step to the scale (~90kg/200lbs. and 100kg/22lbs., respectively), he’s right – the power-to-weight ratio has been a big issue with the earlier electric bikes of the industry.

Still, with newer lineups of bikes from cutting-edge companies like Energica bringing something like the 258–280 kg Ego to the table (peak power at 126 kW / 171 hp, torque at 159 lb.-ft., top speed of 150 mph, and range sitting at 261 miles for city / 123 miles for highway / 153 miles for combined), that argument will soon only be valid for the more budget-friendly/lower-priced EV bikes. This is relatively easily fixed for now with the concept that [most] decently priced electric motorcycles are best suited for a more urban setting until their range is extended with the advancement of electric technology.

…Unless you’ve plotted your course and gotten your hands on something like the Harley-Davidson LiveWire – a machine that (most of you know by now) charges to 80 percent in 40 minutes and 100 percent in an hour, punting the machine’s range to 146 miles before running dry.


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