Newest Nike's Dunk Low University Red Debut a Sustainable Form


Newest Nike's Dunk Low University Red Debut a Sustainable Form

The shoe industry and sustainable development are not inseparable, but if New Drop Jordans participates, this situation will not last long. Following the Dunk Low "White/Black" released as part of the Next Nature event in October last year, another Dunk was launched, this time in the fan's favorite "University Red" color scheme. "University Red" is a color scheme composed of red and white panels, however, this pair of combinations is more than initially seen. Supporting the classic design is the Next Nature project; Nike's sustainable arm, which uses at least 20% recycled and upgraded recycled materials to make shoes. Here, the environmentally friendly method is applied to all parts of the sports shoes, especially the sole unit, which is made of ground rubber-Nike's recycling method, made from the used and unnecessary old rubber of sports shoes Sole unit. Further note that the sustainable endeavor is the "Volt" insole, which has been decorated with Nike's move to zero windmill.

The relationship between ALIFE and Cadysneaker Soconni can be traced back more than 10 years ago. They produced "Jazz Shadow" in 2009 and a color version of Jazz 91 in 2016. Now the pair is back on the shadow 6000. As this shoe celebrated its 30th anniversary, which led to the Saucony x Saucony collaboration and various rework, it seems that ALIFE did not retain its cooperative approach. The shoes consist of a white mesh sole, covered with white suede on the toe box-where you can find the red ALIFE brand-and more white suede working on the middle panel. Yellow suede Before working on green and orange suede, the eye stays on the heel part of the bag, which is finished in metallic silver leather. Here, "New" and "York" are printed on the heel, and more of the same leather is used for the iconic center panel brand of Shadow 6000. At the end is a white suede tongue, the tongue label has a double brand, the interior is red leather, and the last touch of rubber completes the entire package for the gripping outsole.

Matthew M Williams has also done several influential works in Givenchy, but none of them has caused more controversy than the monumental Mallow launched in September. . Now, as the weather gets colder and colder, Hoka Shoes Givenchy has launched two Winter Mallow mule shoes: 4G leather with artificial fur, and a familiar beige suede with artificial fur. The bulb shape of the first shoe is the same as the mallow mule, but it does not look so technical because it has no grooves on the upper. On the contrary, the 4G version chose a calfskin upper with the company's 4G logo on it, while more 4G brands are on the midsole. The midsole of this shoe is black, the front is arrow-shaped, and you will find Givenchy's name embossed on the heel at the back. Here you will find the entrance to the mule, where you can slide your feet into a soft artificial fur cave. As for the other pair, in light brown faux suede-a fairly familiar hue, elegant metal 4 g badge, the only unit of cream, also the brand's black leather, and an interior also made of faux fur, this time comes cream Not to mention the Givenchy logo in white leather.



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