Bell’s Palsy and Facial Paralysis in NJ & NYC


Bell’s palsy, commonly referred to as BP, is a disorder that leads to temporary weakness of your facial muscles. This condition causes one side of the face to become stiff or droop.

As one of the most respected Bell’s palsy specialists in New Jersey NYC, Dr. Monica Tadros evaluates and effectively treats this facial disorder in a friendly and compassionate environment. Dr. Tadros is proud to be the number one choice for patients looking for highly effective facial paralysis treatment in NJ.

What is Bell’s Palsy?
Bell’s palsy is a form of temporary facial paralysis that results from injury or damage to one of the facial nerves and can cause significant facial distortion.

Dr. Monica Tadros specializes in Bell’s Palsy and facial paralysis treatment. Disorders of the facial nerve, including paralysis, develop from a variety of causes. Abnormal movement or paralysis of the face can result from infection, injury, or tumors, and an evaluation by your physician is needed to determine the cause.

What Is the Facial Nerve?
The facial nerve resembles a telephone cable and contains about ten thousand individual nerve fibers. Each fiber carries electrical impulses to a specific facial muscle. Information passing along the fibers of this nerve allows us to laugh, cry, smile, or frown, hence the name, “the nerve of facial expression.”

Among the most complex nerves in our body, the facial nerve is central to our ability to manipulate our expression in countless ways, adding layers of emotion to the way we communicate. When there is nerve damage, facial weakness occurs. If these nerve fibers are irritated, then movements of the facial muscles appear as spasms or twitching.

The facial nerve not only carries nerve impulses to the muscles of the face but also to the tear glands, to the saliva glands, and to the muscle of the stirrup bone in the middle ear (the stapes). It also transmits taste from the front of the tongue.

Since the function of the facial nerve is so complex, many symptoms may occur when the fibers of the facial nerve are disrupted. A disorder of the facial nerve may result in: twitching, weakness, or paralysis of the face, such as Bell’s Palsy dryness of the eye or the mouth or even disturbance of taste.

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