Mad Bikers


The craziest and riskiest motorcycle and stunt game on the internet, are you ready to reach the finish line

Mad Bikers Controls: Arrows / WASD = speed / brake / balance

Similar to the happy wheels game, Mad Bikers is a fun dirt bike stunt racing game that pushes you to finish the most difficult tracks while performing incredible acrobatics.

Jump on your motocross bike and race along the dirt paths of this entertaining free online game. To perfect this badass extreme sport, only speed, balance, and bravery are required.

Your goal is to complete each stage with three stars or more. Avoid hitting your head on the ground or the ceilings of these underground tunnels. Complete the level with no crashes to win three stars, with up to five crashes to gain two stars, or with more than five tries to earn one star. What matters is that you achieve your goal, so keep trying until you have unlocked all of the levels.



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